Will Energy Efficient Windows Lower Heating Costs?

Whether you live in the cold north, the blazing hot south or somewhere in between, you’ve no doubt heard window contractors talk about the benefits of installing new high-efficiency windows in your home. They boast about the energy savings that these windows offer, they talk about how much more comfortable your house will feel after the change has been made and they explain exactly why the new windows are worthwhile, but is that really the case? Will new more energy efficient windows save you much off your utility bill? Will they actually make your home feel more comfortable. Keep reading to learn the truth about energy efficient windows.

They Won’t Save You a Fortune

Even the most highly efficient windows in your home aren’t going to save you a fortune on heating and cooling bills. Sure Low-E windows will keep hot rays from intense summer suns out of your home and minimize how much your home heats up during the day. Sure, excellent multi-pane windows infused with insulating gases will minimize how much heat is lost during cold months when you’re trying to heat your space, but in most homes windows only take up so much space. The rest of the space is occupied by walls, doors and other surfaces. Each of these surfaces come in contact with the outside air more than windows do, so excellent windows won’t save you much if you have poor wall insulation. They also won’t help keep out the heat that’s soaking through that flimsy front or rear door. Top grade windows will help lower your heating and cooling costs slightly though, and likely enough to pay for the cost of the upgrade over the life of your home if you had very low quality windows previously.

They Will Improve Interior Comfort

Low-E windows help keep hot sunlight from warming up the surfaces around your home and creating hot spots that make you feel uncomfortable. This helps create a more even feel throughout an air conditioned home. The same goes true for heavily insulated windows. They minimize drafts in cold or hot weather, so that you have a more even feeling interior that you can sit in comfortably. If you want your home to be as comfortable as possible, installing good quality windows is a good place to start.

They Will Save Your Furniture and Flooring

Another major benefit of high quality Low-E windows that you don’t hear much about from window specialists is their ability to keep harmful UV radiation out of your home. Not only will that help protect your skin, but it will protect all the other surfaces within your home. Your flooring won’t fade and wear as fast. Your furniture won’t fade and lose its color and your home will stay youthful for longer in general. That’s because sunlight wears out most materials and makes it age faster. With the harmful sunlight blocked by your windows, that won’t be nearly as much of an issue for you.

Investing in energy efficient windows won’t save you a fortune on heating and cooling costs, but they will likely just about pay for themselves if you keep them for long enough. They will also make your home more comfortable to be in whether you live in a hot or cold climate, and they’re a good overall value when you think about all the benefits that they have to offer.