Simple Furnace Repair Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Just like any other appliance, furnaces can’t run forever without a problem. They are filled with mechanical parts that can and will wear out. The only question is how long it’s going to take for it to happen. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself for common repair and maintenance tasks and to stay on top of maintenance over time. If you maintain your furnace regularly, or pay professionals to do it, you’ll suffer from fewer repair problems. If you do run into problems with your furnace that aren’t simple, make sure that you consult with professionals before trying a repair, because there are plenty of ways to do damage to your furnace if you aren’t careful.

Replace the Thermostat Battery

In some instances a thermostat failure could be the only reason that your furnace isn’t operating properly. Make sure that you double check your thermostat is in working order and change the batteries if you have one that relies on them. Simply changing the batteries could be all it takes to get your heating system running properly once again and it’s something that you can do in minutes.

If your home thermostat isn’t functioning right it could be time to replace it. There are advanced thermostats available today designed to reduce heating costs and that offer additional benefits like wireless warnings. Look into one of these units if you are in need of one and talk with professionals about having them installed in your home.

Look at the Breakers

Your home’s circuit breaker could be key to getting your furnace operational once again. There’s always a chance that the furnace could trip a breaker, and if it does it won’t operate any longer at that point. Simply flipping the breaker switch could be all it takes to get your furnace up and running once again. Take a look at your breaker box for a switch that’s in a different position than all the rest. Chances are good that it was tripped by something and needs to be flipped back for power to be restored once again.

If your furnace shuts off, take a minute to look at the breakers before you call in the professionals. Doing so could save you a lot of time and money in the process.

Swap Filters

While it’s rare, clogged filters can lead to furnace issues and they certainly reduce efficiency levels. Take some time to swap out air filters to keep that furnace running smoothly and to eliminate the possibility of these problems as well.

Take a look at different filters when buying them as well. Some filters must be replaced much more regularly than others. If you have trouble remembering to change filters, or don’t want to deal with the task regularly, it may be worth spending more to get a longer lasting filter to minimize the chore.

Each of these furnace repair and maintenance tasks are something that the average homeowner can tackle all on their own. If you have trouble with your furnace, make sure that you consider these tips before calling in the pros, but don’t tackle more complicated tasks on your own or you could risk doing damage to your expensive equipment and spending even more on repairs in the future.